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Our state of the art tours and events service provides you with a travel planner of your own. So whether you have a quest for cruise travel, world travel, adventure travel, business travel, discount travel, vacation packages, student flights, plane tickets, all-inclusive holidays and more, you’ve come to the right place! Take a look around and let us help make your next travel excursion unforgettable.

Your Adventure Awaits…

Personal Travel

Just pack and go! Yes, it’s that simple when you leave the details of your personal tours and travel to us. Our travel planners are equipped to handle every aspect of your trip.

Group Travel

Do you have a destination wedding, family reunion or class reunion? Is your group in need of travel arrangements for a special convention? Trust our team of experts to provide the best discount travel for your group.

Event Planning

A well-planned event is the absolute best kind of event. At least that’s what our track record indicates. We take care of all the particulars so youcan focus on enjoying your special event.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are beautiful, indeed! They are all the more beautiful when there’s assurance that the details of your dream day are left in capable hands. Our company takes pride in living up to the phrase, “No worries.” Click here to see why.

Special Needs Kind of Love

Families with special needs children should not be deprived of a pleasant travel experience. That’s why we offer “special needs kind of love,” a special touch that makes sure every family – especially those with special needs children – have access to the very best travel services.


A knowledgeable traveler is always a happy traveler. Be sure to check out our blog. This is a great place to gain insight on popular destinations, tips to help make you travel savvy and so much more.

Leave the Ordinary Behind…

Let Us Take All The Stress Away

Set Sail with Me

Close your eyes and imagine the calming effects and exhilaration that only a cruise can bring. A world of blue skies, sparkling seas, fresh air and sheer relaxation could be in your near future when you set sail with Luxury Tours and Events.

Blissful Beginnings

Weddings are always special. Destination weddings are special all the more. We pride ourselves with making sure your wedding celebration sets the stage for nothing less than blissful beginnings.

Come as You Are

Never fret about the challenges that come along with travel for your special needs child(ren). We totally get it. We have taken the lessons learned from our many disappointments and fashioned them so that your travel experience will be just what you desired and even more. We always aim to please.

See Some of the Exciting Places That Await You!

The excitement of taking a trip starts even prior to the journey. It is the excitement on deciding where to go next. It is part of preparing exactly what to do and packing your bags. The excitement grows the night before traveling and it continues while stepping inside the air airplane. It does not stop when arriving to your destination, because this is simply the beginning of your excitement.

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